Why the Mid-Market Control Investment Strategy Can Generate Outsized Returns in China

China’s private equity (“PE”) market has grown rapidly in the past two decades. As the economy grows, control investments have been gaining momentum. Today, there are many large-cap buyout funds active in China. In the mid-market space, however, the situation is very different. We at Nexus Point are one of the few PE firms dedicated […]

Reflection on Nexus Point’s Fifth Anniversary

On March 14th, 2022, we at Nexus Point celebrated our firm’s fifth anniversary. Through the hard work of all of my colleagues, Nexus Point has established itself as the premier mid-market control-oriented private equity firm in Greater China. We have built a team of approximately twenty experienced, exceptional individuals hailing from a diverse set of […]

Why China is Poised to Become the World’s Largest Private Equity Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused vast public health and economic disruptions, and forced many investors to focus on the short-term. Meanwhile, geopolitical tensions have introduced uncertainty about the flow of capital into China-focused private equity (PE) funds. In light of these developments, there is a danger of missing the long-term picture, which is that China […]

3 Reasons Control Deals are Taking Off in China’s Private Equity Market

By Kuo Chuan Kung Founder & Managing Partner, Nexus Point When I left the firm I co-founded to start Nexus Point over three years ago, several people asked me why I would want to start a new private equity (PE) firm. Allow me to explain my motivations. The first is personal: I wanted to return […]

How to Generate Alpha in Chinese Private Equity: An Interview with Nexus Point Founder KC Kung

A leading private equity investor explains why the time is ripe for control investments in China. Underpinned by decades of stellar economic growth, China’s private equity (PE) market has rapidly expanded to become the third-largest in the world, with more than $620 billion in assets under management (AUM) in 2019. Even before the COVID-19 crisis struck […]