Case Study – Burger King Taiwan

Burger King Taiwan is the exclusive master franchisee of Burger King, the iconic global QSR (quick service restaurant) brand. It serves tasty, authentic, flame grilled beef burgers, and fresh and quality food products to consumers.


Since Nexus Point’s investment in November 2017, we partnered with the management team of Burger King Taiwan to develop and improve its ESG framework, leveraged Burger King’s global resources, and launched a suite of strategic ESG initiatives, making ESG a core pillar of our business. This Includes:


• Promoted the use of real ingredients free of additives: Committed to using natural food ingredients free of artificial additives, such as food coloring, preservatives, etc. in Burger King’s beef, chicken and fish patties, mayonnaise, buns, ketchup, pickles, cheese slices, onion rings and certain condiments.

• Promoted sustainable packaging and recycling: The business has implemented paper straws since July 2019 to reduce the usage of plastic straw by 6.0 million pieces per year. Currently, 98% of the drink cups and packaging bags are fiber-based, and the packaging is 100% polystyrene (EPS) free.

• Adopted comprehensive food waste management initiative: 100% usage of licensed recycle service providers to collect and repurpose food wastage and disposed cooking oil into organic fertilizer, animal feeding products, biofuel, etc.



• Improved workplace safety with regular trainings and safety inspections: Assisted employees to obtain occupational safety and health, emergency care, and fire prevention and control training and licenses. Conducted regular trainings and safety inspections.

• Promoted diversity and inclusion in the workplace: Committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment; 47% of company employees are female.

• Supported local community with charity events and donations: Donated 300+ meals to local charity organization, Angel Heart Family Social Welfare Foundation.



• Invited industry expert to join the board to help strength internal governance structure: Inducted Bruno Mercier as one of our Board of Directors. Mr. Mcercier served as the CEO & Executive Director of Sun Art Retail Group in China and was also the former Chairman of the Board of Auchan Greater China.

• Institutionalized ESG governance: Implemented ESG targets as well as the regular tracking and upgrading of ESG initiatives and goals.


In recognition of our achievements in ESG, Burger King Taiwan was awarded the “2021 Taipei SElect” (Taipei Social Enterprise) – Innovation of Food and Agritech award by the Municipal Government of Taipei City.